Turn off night vision on indoor cam

My indoor cam looks outdoors thru a window. Is there a way to turn off night vision as I have enough outdoor light to see without. It reflects off window at night making it unusable. Thanks

The new inside cams have a setting for this. Go to devices, the cam you want to change, general and then video. Option is on the bottom of the list.

This is what I see

I think by changing settings to indoor looking thru glass it disables it. Thanks

I have both the new inside and outside cams. Both have the menu I attached.
I would think if you can choose inside or outside, it may give you the option.

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Wow mine is on an iphone and i do not show all those options. Camera is not even a year old and the app is up to date. I’ll check more into this and let you know. Thanks

Mine is second generation. Maybe yours is 3rd generation and gives you that option. I don’t seem to have those options

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These are the new indoor cams. I think the cost around $50 a piece. The new outdoor/indoor are about double.

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I’d like to turn off night vision on my Ring Doorbell Pro too. The street lighting is bright enough for clear video, but if night vision turns on, the image quality drops.