Turn off motion recording on schedule

I’ve just added two internal cams to my previously external-only Ring setup and I would like to be able to turn off motion recording during scheduled times. Is this possible, or is there a workaround to make it happen?

I realise I can turn off motion notifications during a certain schedule but that still means the cameras are recording. I’d rather completely turn them off during the day and just have them come on at night while we’re all sleeping.

It appears that a Ring Alarm system will sort this, but I’m not 100% sure and if there’s a way to get this done without spending another hundred quid I’d love to know about it please!

Hi there, @Sk8higuy! While the Alarm modes and Camera modes can work together in modes options, they are different features of the Ring app. The Alarm Modes Schedules work separately.

There are a couple of options to disable recording in the Ring app, such as through the record motion toggle on your device page or using regular Modes to disable motion detection. At this time, these are not able to be scheduled through the Ring app.

Feel free to add a request, or vote on an existing request, on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile: