Trying to setup my ringdoorbell but keep getting failed to connect

Trying to reconnect my ring doorbell but keeps failing to connect. I have uninstalled my device and starting again but still failing


I’m having the same issue

I’m having the same issue, it went down over 24 hours ago tried resetting dozens of times. Keeps telling me it not connect to the internet (all other personal devices working fine on WiFi) the ring is right next to the modem box. I uninstalled the ring app to see if that was the problem and now when I go to redownload all it says “not compatible with this device” so my ring doorbell (2nd gen) is now useless.

I’m having this issue and looks like it started at least 24 hrs ago. It’s weird because the Chime connects without issue but the actual video doorbell won’t connect. I was able to uninstall and reinstall the Ring app, login without issue but it just won’t reconnect to my home Wi-Fi network.

Hi there.

So I was having this issue as I posted below. After several attempts of trying to reconnect to Wi-Fi to no avail, and after uninstall/ reinstall of the app to my Android device, I just let it sit. I was frustrated and nothing was making sense. I was wondering if it needed to reset somehow, so just left it on a table overnight. To my surprise this morning, it was back connected and recording again. I put it back outside and will see if it continues to work. Maybe try yours again?

Im having the same issue with my ring doorbell. Cannot connect to Wifi network but connected chime pro with no drama’s.
Wifi network is good, everything else working fine but can’t connect doorbell.

Hey neighbors. Depending on what step in the setup you are failing at, you may need to adjust some settings on you phone. In your phones settings, you may need to turn off the WiFi assist or Smart Network Switch. You can also turn off bluetooth and make sure that any wireless printers in the area are also turned off during the setup.

Hi, just wondering if your doorbell has remained connected since it spontaneously reconnected. Like you, my doorbell suddenly went offline. All prrsonal devices will connect to wifi but doorbell won’t. Have uninstalled and reintalled the app. Have rebooted router a number of times and gave tried to reconnect to internet but failed about 8 or 9 times now.
So… hoping the ignore, wait and see approach works…