Trying to get a pro ring doorbell working. Too many variables?

I like to think I’m pretty techy…

So when my daughter couldn’t get her ring doorbell pro working, I figured I could look like a hero.

But I spent several hours on it yesterday and not working.

It’s a new house. She bought a 16 V transformer from Home Depot. Bought the Hampton bay WL108 A electronic doorbell (Which is on the ring compatibility list) and the ring camera.

Gave it to the contractor to install a couple weeks ago.

She had been playing with it and failing on getting it connected to the ring’s Wi-Fi in the app.

I had her press the orange button for I think I found 30 seconds. Then she could join the Wi-Fi, added the ring to her app and it was updating the firmware. Said it would take up to 15 minutes.

When she came back to the app, the ring doorbell wasn’t in there anymore.

We try to start the process over - press and hold the orange button but it doesn’t have any lights on it.

Check the voltage on the transformer. It’s 16 V ac

she had to go out so I install the ring app on my phone and went through the process of trying to add the doorbell to my app.

Watch the video and saw that there is a power pack That should be installed.

Check in the doorbell and yes, power pack v2 is in there. , and installed across front and common - no back door wiring.

Disconnecting the ring from the doorbell wires, and then touching the two wires a& the doorbell music play. But only for as long as the buttons are connected. (Power pack was still installed, so shorting the doorbell button wires at that point cause ipowet pack any damage?)

Reading the manual for the doorbell (using a button) I see that there should be a diode installed across button terminals on the push button to get it to play whole song.

But since it’s a ring and was installed by the contractor, a) not sure where the diode is & b) i’m not sure if this should have a diode when you’re using the ring.

Anyone know what’s in the powerpack? I called tech-support and they said if I measure the voltage across it when disconnected from bell it should be 16 or more volts. It’s a little battery? But measuring DC and AC I get no voltage across terminals.

They’re sending a new power pack.But me being me I keep wondering if it’s the ring or transformers not putting out enough current or…

In the meantime I found a page for bypassing the doorbell, using the hidden openings for the wires on the power pack. I did that and the ring still does not fire up/no lights.

Again the ring was previously lighting up, putting out WiFi, joinable to app and getting an update.

I started wondering if the power pack is a battery, then it had two weeks since initial install to charge and is now drained because the transformer isn’t putting out enough current? That’s how the ring was able to run for a few minutes - on power pack charge?

? Again anyone know what’s in power pack? Any ideas?

Hi there, @ConfusedNoob! You are certainly taking all the right steps for this to work as intended. Thank you for sharing your experience in great detail, as this will help other neighbors who might have a similar concern. Check out our Hardwiring Guide for the Video Doorbell Pro, for a detailed list of what to check, for optimal power.

As you mentioned the Doorbell no longer appearing in the Ring app, try confirming that the proper location is selected or owner is logged into the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how it goes!

It’s not powering / no lights at this point so the app is least of problems

Can you answer the questions I was asking?

What’s in the power pack v2? Should it have a voltage like battery when out of circuit?

Is there a voltage I can connect to ring video pro without power pack / doorbell, etc to see if it works on a test bench? Dc? Ac?

Looking like we’ll have to return this and get a nest maybe will get better results

did this ever get answered… I have two ring pros that are not working…