Trying to change password

So here I am, trying really hard to change my password because I think someone might have got hold of mine (don’t ask how) and despite trying to change it on both the app and the website I just keep getting the message “We are currently experiencing temporary issues. You may be unable to access your account at this time.”
Very useful, not, when I’m trying to keep my account secure.
How long will I likely see this message for? I’m really hoping the person with my password doesn’t lock me out in the mean time.

Hi @user51307. If you are logged in to your account in the Ring app, follow the steps mentioned in this Help Center article. If that route is not working for you, try going to on a web browser and going to the login page. Then select the option “Forgot your password?”. After entering your email, you should then get an email asking you to reset your password. I also recommend going over this Help Center page on how to keep your account secure. I hope this helps.

Yeah that didn’t work. I had to call support to assist. They sorted it but it was a faff.