Troubleshooting Your Ring Smart Lighting Bridge Falling Offline

The Ring Smart Lighting Bridge is the main point of communication between your home wifi network and Smart Lighting devices. If you are experiencing concerns with your Smart Lighting Bridge falling offline or not connecting properly, check out the tips below to get things up and running!

Note: The Ring Smart Lighting Bridge is only available for use in the US and Canada.

  • How do you know if your Bridge falls offline?

    • When your Bridge falls offline you will receive a Ring app push notification of this, as well as another when it regains connection to the wifi network.
    • The wifi connection light indicator on the Bridge will be red. Learn more about the light patterns here in this Community article.
    • Other Smart Lighting devices will function as traditional motion lights in groups, however, the following may not work:
      • Manual light toggles in the Ring app not triggering your Smart Lighting.
      • Light schedules not saving.
      • Linked devices not responding as intended, etc.
  • Checking Wifi

    • Please ensure your home wifi network services and equipment are up and running. Checking for internet outages in your area and confirm other devices in your home are connected to wifi.
    • Unplug the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge and plug it back in to attempt reconnection to your wifi network.
    • Each Smart Lighting device’s RSSI, or signal strength, can be checked via the Device Health section in your Ring app. There you can check your RSSI for both Smart Lighting device to Bridge and for device to device connections.
      • Our Community article about RSSI and Ring Smart Lighting has some great tips for optimizing this signal, check it out here.
    • The Bridge should be as close as possible (preferably in the same room) to your wifi router for optimal performance, and to keep it from falling offline.
    • Please ensure there is nothing around your bridge blocking or interfering with wifi signals (appliances, electronics, etc). We also advise not to place it in an enclosed areas as described in this Community article.
      • Strength Test: Follow the tips below to test the signal strength of your Bridge and to see if it will reach your desired Ring Smart Lighting device setup location.
        • Bring your Ring Smart Lighting device and your smartphone to the location where you wish to set it up, and initiate a command in the Ring app, like turning the lights on or off.
        • Next, check the signal you receive in the Device Health tile in the Ring app. From there, you can use this indicator to adjust the location for optimal performance.
  • Checking the Ring app

    • You can check the connection status of your Ring Smart Lighting by visiting the Device Health section of each Smart Lighting device by following the directions below.
      • Open the main menu in the top left corner of your Ring mobile app.
      • Tap Devices.
      • Select your Smart Lighting device.
      • Tap Device Health.
      • The status will show in the Device Health section.
    • Check the firmware version in the Device Health section in the Ring app, to ensure your Bridge is up-to-date. Learn more about firmware updates in this Ring Help Center article.
      • If your Bridge is undergoing an update, please allow up to an hour to complete.
    • Ensure the Ring app is up to date so that the Bridge and other Ring device statuses can notify you and operate as intended, with the Ring app.
      • Download the latest Ring app for your mobile device via the links in this Help Center article.
  • Checking Power

    • Ensure the power adapter is plugged in to the Bridge and into a working wall outlet.
    • Check that nothing has knocked the adapter loose on either end.
    • If there is a light switch controlling the wall outlet being used, ensure it is turned on or even use another outlet.
  • Using an Echo 4 (4th gen or later) or Echo Show 10 (3rd gen or later) as a Ring Smart Lighting Bridge

    • We are always working to bring more features to our neighbors, and are excited to announce the option to use your Echo 4 or Echo 10 Show as a Bridge for your Smart Lighting devices.
    • Visit our Help Center article for more information on setting up and using a compatible Echo device as a Ring Smart Lighting Bridge.

Reminder: The Ring Smart Lighting Bridge is intended for indoor installation and use only.

I’ve tried everything.!do I need to get a new chime pro?

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A Chime Pro is a wifi extender which would only work for your Wifi enabled Ring devices, rather than Ring Smart Lighting devices. Your Smart Lighting devices use a connection that is efficient at a long range, but moving them closer to the Bridge is a great step.

Thanks for trying all the suggestions in the article above. If you are needing further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.