Troubleshoot WiFi Remotely?

I noticed that I haven’t gotten a single notification on my Ring Doorbell since leaving home two days ago. I tried to connect to the live camera just now and it won’t connect - apparently the battery is low and the WiFi connection poor. I know the WiFi is working fine, and feel like I just need to kick the doorbell, but can’t seem to find a way to do so remotely. Seems like everything I’m finding that’s close to my question is saying that’s not possible - anyone have any luck with this issue?

Would love to have my camera working while I’m away…it’s annoying that the last thing it’s caught is me leaving the house. :roll_eyes:

Sorry to hear about this, @Oprachck! Depending on how low the battery is, there may be some change in functionality while the device works to both operate and preserve battery. Wifi signal interference can certainly cause a device to fall offline or have poor video, however, if your Doorbell is online and capturing events, there should be some recordings in your event history. As you mentioned not receiving notifications for events in awhile, the device might be offline. If power is the culprit, of course, this cannot be resolved remotely. Network concerns that clear up can certainly result in your device auto-reconnecting, however, there is not a feature in which you can reset your device remotely. There is a reconnect to network option in the device health section of the Ring app, but this will require you to be at the location for a secure reconnection process.

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Perhaps I am not understanding you OR perhaps this is not what you want to know, BUT why not use the web interface ( to access your device ? You are not going to be able to invoke a live view, but you will see the history.

I know some here will say that these doorbells don’t go to sleep(as in hibernate) but I have my doubts. It is not going to help you today BUT depending on your router’s capability perhaps you can setup remote access and reboot the router. That might wake the doorbell up. If your router doesn’t have a feature like that, perhaps your OS will let you access a machine remotely and you would then be ‘local’ to your network/doorbell etc.

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