Trouble setting up my doorbell after I deleted


I used my doorbell for 9 month no problem, then I installed a new router and changed password the doorbell stopped connecting to wifi and I stopped receiving notifications or videos. When I contacted support via chat I was told it is becuase i had special characters in my password.

The support analyst asked me to change password and remove special characters, which I did but that did not fix the problem.

So they told me to delete the device and setup as if new,  but now for 2 weeks I have tried that and setup will fail.  The device keeps complaining that the password is wrong but it is not wrong and I have several devices connecting to the same router with the same password. 

Somehow the doorbell is probably saving some data from the old setup which causes it to fail. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey @mmajzoub. Since you’ve changed the wifi password, let’s try a whole new fresh start! For this, remove the Ring app from your phone, restart your phone, and then reinstall the app! Once reinstalled, try to set up the device again and see if it setups as normal. If this continues to fail, check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on how adjust router settings that may need to be further addressed.

Hi Chelsea,

thank you very much for the reply.  After spending few hours yesterday I figured out the issue.  My Internet provider changed settings in one of their security update that impacted the ring app from working. 

Upon changing the settings I got it to reconnect using the same app and now it is working and recording activities again under history.

I love my ring and glad it is working again.


Muhi …

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