Treat all devices the the same in the UI/UX of app/web

We have devices that are explicitly listed by both the manufacturer and ring as ring compatible. But these light switches/manged power outlets get burried in the UI of the rin app under the base station, which prevents guests and others from being able to use these devices.

The light switches in question can not be placed on a schedule, and that is a horrible feature gap and is a rather odd product decision around functionality.

Eg 1: we have a compatible GE managed power outlet that is “ring compatible” and is used to manage lamps that do not have a bulb socket as they are integrated led lamps. These lights can not be managed by a shared user (my spouse CANT be owner because of the 2FA best practice your documentation and support pushes) and is unable to turn these lights on prior to entering the house alone.

Eg 2; we also have a ring compatible GE light switch for controlling the florescent lights in my detached garage. We can not schedule the light switch and again, issues for use on shared users and guests.

Please address ASAP, as this gap in functionality is actually a safety issue when a shared user or guest is entering our garage alone at night.