Transfer ownership

I bought 3 ring cameras yesterday (2 stick up and 1 wired) and with all the three, I am getting an error “The device can’t be transferred at this time. We have emailed the registered owner to let them know how to complete this transfer”.

I have contacted the owner and he confirmed that he has not used these cameras for more than 6 months and before not using them, he deleted all the cameras from his account. I even saw that in his app and there was nothing there.

I spent 1+ hours today with the customer service and first they said that it will take 15 days to transfer and later a Level 2 person said that they cannot do the transfer and I should buy new cameras and they will give the discount. I did not understand this on why should I but the new cameras when these cameras are just fine and I should be allowed to use them. I sent the pictures of the cameras and their MC ids as well to ring support team to prove that I am in the possession of these cameras but still the support team was adamant that they cannot do anything.

Can someone help me on how can I get these cameras working? I am fine even for waiting for 15 days if that actually resolves the issue but I doubt as the Level 2 guy told me that it cannot be done.

You say you don’t see them listed in the prior owner’s app. But did you see them listed at all? If not, it could very well be the items belong to someone else and that is why Support is having such difficulty.
No one here has access to your account information, so you’ll have to continue to work with Support in any event.

Hi @GS6. This Help Center article here will go over the Device Ownership Transfer process. If you have already contacted our support team, I would continue to work with them to resolve this concern. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I am going through a similar situation. The previous owner no longer subscribes nor have they had a Ring account in over a year and no longer has access to the email associated with his old account as it was for a previous job.

Can anyone clarify what exactly happens after the 15 days if the previous owner does not respond? I know for a fact this person is not going to respond as they will never see the email (they don’t have access to that email anymore). I would be okay if after the 15 days they transfer the ownership but the more I’m looking into this, the less likely that seems. This is really something Ring needs to address. There’s no reason anything should take 15+ days in this day and age.

Of course, they need to give adequate time for the previous owner to reply. Afterall there is a market out there for stolen devices and making it easy to transfer ownership of stolen devices wouldn’t be good for anyone.

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15 days though? I would hope that theft would be reported (a lot) faster than that.

I’m still unclear as to what exactly happens after the 15 days? Does the ownership transfer or is there further action needed?