Trade In Discount

Amazon offers a trade in discount on smart home and you get a 20% discount on a Ring device. The issue is the discount is toward one device and that isn’t enough to lure someone over to Ring when they have a bunch of money in other smart home devices

The trade in program also doesn’t accept many discontinued devices. There are plenty of platforms that are are being discontinued, no longer being developed or changed the product in a way that is no longer good for the users (Google Nest Secure, ADT/Smartthings, Wink, Wemo, Kuna/Maximus, the list goes on and on)

Any possibility of offering a one time 20% discount on an entire order for anyone who buys a Ring Alarm base station and a 1 year Protect Plus plan and sends back their old smarthome gear for recycling. (This should also apply to existing customers)

I think you could get quite a few people still hanging on to other platforms this way. Many are just waiting for a good promo for them to switch.

ADT Smartthings just announced they are discontinuing the system:

Plenty of people on the Smartthings community ( are looking for a path forward. Ring has an opportunity to gain customers…