Toxic Neighbors Feature (Word Moderation)

The neighbors app is significantly overrun by trolls and unhelpful comments almost every other hour. I know it’s like this in other areas, so I feel like adding a heavier moderation to the posts is a need. People talking about animals getting harmed when you post about lost pets, making jokes about missing people or someone breaking into neighbors homes.

These are just a few examples, but it’s overall weak that something meant to help people is being turned into everyone’s personal Facebook sespool of garbage. Anyone else have similar ideas or concerns?

We’re dealing with the same type of behavior in my neighborhood. The ring app has become almost unusable. Can we have a moderator check in to our community as well? Every day i mark posts as unhelpful and tag as unneighborly, but every day more sarvastic, unhelpful, and intentionally annoying posts show up. It’s not at all good for the community.

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Totally agree. As if people didn’t feel bad enough you have to hear what you did wrong? Or just ridiculous comments? Done with this app untill you start dropping people from your app. Not worth the headache of getting car broken into then 10 people telling you about what you did wrong ?


Start banning the trolls or this will just be another garbage app. It’s ridiculous that u let trolls run wild. It’s not worth posting if the same trolls just make fun of people? Don’t need the headache


I’m so glad this post finally gained some attention. It’s disgusting how people buy this product to keep themselves/the neighborhood safe… Then in turn, they treat their neighbors like garbage? Plus, they don’t even have to own a ring to see the neighbors section! Why are we letting randos get on here and threaten our pets, family, safety, call us slurs, talk down on poorer areas etc… when they don’t even own one of the products?

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My neighborhood is seeing the same things. Childish jerks have the good people not wanting to post. I honestly cannot believe that there is apparently no accountability on this app. I don’t know how many replies I’ve marked as un-neighborly, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

You can vote those comments “Unhelpful”. Not sure what Ring is doing with that information, but hopefully if a particular user gets a lot of “Unhelpful” votes they can be banned from posting eventually…

The “unhelpful” option does literally nothing lol. It doesn’t delete their comment, punish the user in any way, it’s just garbage. Ring would rather focus on bs features and adding new ones like Sidewalk rather than fix the actual problems within the app.

Ring, this is the second time I’ve asked for a moderator to “clean up” the users in our neighborhood. Today there was a report of an accident that either seriously injured or killed a person. “normal for that neighborhood” was a reply for one of the neighborhood users. That’s their response to most posts. At the very BEST it’s a prejudiced statement, at the worst it completely de-values a person’s life. Ring - this behavior is on you. It’s disgusting, yet it’s permitted. Fix this.