Tool for doorbell still not recieved

We have the doorbell elite and discovered we were left the wrong star bit tool. We changed internet provider 4 months ago and need the tool to reset. I have contacted Ring several times to be told a new tool would be sent to us but after several long phone calls, still nothing. We have been very patient for the last 4 months but I’ve now had enough, we are paying for something we can’t even use! We feel we keep getting the run around, if this tool has been discontinued or something, let us know! And what we should do now? Fed up with calling and nothing being done or sent!

You could order a set of spare parts for your doorbell from here ( Accessories | Ring). You could also find them at various online retailers as well.

Thanks for this but I was told Ring would send the tool as the incorrect one was given to us. It seems I will have to buy considering the lack of follow up but I don’t know which one? I have the doorbell elite but none of the options say Elite so does anyone know which tool set is the correct one for the Ring doorbell Elite? Thanks in advance

Hi @user8439. I believe the screw size you are looking for is a T15. This is commonly available at most hardware stores. I just picked up a set of various Torx bits from Home Depot for about $5. I hope this helps.