Too many notifications for a positive detection

Wonder if anyone in the community can assist? I have a ring spotlight cam (hard wired) and a ring doorbell 2; both work perfectly and have motion zones configured. They pick up motion correctly and alert me as required. However, I’m constantly getting bombarded with notifications for a single detection. That is, someone walks down in front of the cam or the doorbell and I’ll get 6 or 7 notifications pings on the phone. Is there a setting that sends just the one notification for the period that the motion is being recorded? So, person walks into the zone and I’m notified (once) and then I get no more notifications while the cam records that activity (it’s about 30 seconds of recording). I really don’t need to mass bombardment of notifications when someone is standing at the door, I’ve already got one and if they ring the doorbell I’ve got a ring alert too. Seems crazy that I get an alert for each slight motion when the device is already in record mode for the event.

If you want to understand how frustrating this is, I washed my car and during that I received nearly 200 notifications over a 10 minute period. I accept I can switch off notifications in this situation which is fine but actually if it had sent just one for each recorded section, I would have received just 20.

Anyone got any suggestions?

We’re here to help, @mawftech! At Ring we are always working to improve our neighbors experiences with devices and features, thus we provide many solutions in the Ring app. Getting multiple notifications for one event is unusual, but might happen if you have Rich Notifications enabled, and if you have multiple Ring devices detecting similar events. Luckily, there are many options available for fine tuning and even preventing motion notifications.

Here’s a list of some great options:

  • Motion Scheduling - create a schedule (days/ times) for when motion should not notify.

  • Modes - customize 3 modes that can be used to easily control all of your Cameras at once.

  • Motion Snooze - quickly and temporarily silence or snooze alerts from all or select Cameras in the Ring app, with a choice of duration.

As every home is different, it’s recommended that you try out each and all options in the Ring app, to see which might work best for your ‘Ring of security’. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: