Too many motion recordings

I recently converted my battery powered Ring camera to a wired Ring camera (Stick-up Gen 3). Anyway, now my camera seems to detect movement constantly. I don’t get notifications, , but it will detect movement and record every 1-7 minutes all day and night long. The product is that if it’s currently recording detected motion and a person enters the detected mode, I won’t get a notification because it’s already recording. I never had this problem when it was battery operated only when I switched over to wired. I have it set at “person detection” only and it still records all the time. I have the Ring Plus Plan so I am not as worried about the number of recordings as I am the lack of detection of people and therefore notifications while recording. Camera is in exact same location as when it had battery just wired. I even modified the detection zone and “blacked out” areas I thought may bale setting it off, such as shadows, trees blowing in wind and garden flags.

Hi. Did you try decreasing the Motion Sensitivity slider?

When you have it set up to detect “people only” it automatically sets the Motion Sensitivity slider to the second from the lowest setting and prevents you from adjusting, which is weird because it did not do that when it was on battery only since I hard wired. I even tried turning off the People Only mode so I could adjust Motion Sensitivity to its lowest possible setting, the problem then is it still detects motion and records just as frequently, but I do not get any notifications.

Hi @JH51. I suggest resetting your camera and reconnecting it to wifi. This will prompt your camera to do a quick update and that should resolve your concern. To perform a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once that is complete, you can reconnect it to wifi. Once the Camera is online, adjust your Motion Settings to see if they are working as intended. I would also try to create smaller zones, as opposed to one large zone, as this helps with accurate motion detection.

I’ve been having a similar issue ever since I installed the Ring Doorbell Pro > 2 years ago. It’s been replaced twice and even Ring “specialized support” and “tier 2” have reset it and reconfigured it and finally determined it was a firmware issue. (Ring has promised multiple times to fix it, but so far, nothing.) I usually get a minimum of 100+ notifications and recordings a day and quite often 300+. Although you don’t get the notifications, it appears that the sensor still thinks there’s a person there and starts recording. There are multiple other similar threads here on the forum as well as other websites with many of us registering the same problem.