Toggle Modes Using Alexa Ring Skill

I have a number of Ring cameras both indoor and outdoor. I do not use Ring Alarm. I enabled modes and all works fine with the app. I would like to toggle mode using Alexa instead of just using the app. Since I do not use Ring Alarm and just want to toggle modes via the Ring skill with Alexa, is it possible to do this and how? At least verbally, but I would love to be able to do the same via Alexa routines as well.

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This is my case exactly. I don’t have ring alarm or smart lights with bridge, just the original cameras. I want to be able to set modes to home/ away/ disarm based on Alexa routines and voice commands. Even if they put a pin code on home and disarm

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Yes, would really like the option to disarm ring before I take the dog out, no time to fumble for my phone and disarm. Especially for my family, easier to ask Alexa to disarm, then speak a code or something. If a simple low cost bridge were available to add without buying the security system that might be ok too, but it should be native to the Alexa skill.

Ditto!!! I don’t want to have to set multipole things to away when I’m trying to leave my house. especially considering Amazon owns both of these company’s, we should be able to do it with out adding the alarm.