Tips of the day

  • Assign a static ip address to your ring doorbell and any extender that may be in the path from the router.
  • set the channel width to 20 mhz for the band on the router.
  • if you are using an extender, keep the same ssid as set on the router for the extender as well.
  • if other devices try to hop onto the extender you might want to deny them access,
  • it is impossible for me to enter setup mode or change the network. the doorbell simply refuses to connect to the ring network. when I need to make a network change I need to remove the device and add a new one. you have to enter the state where the device says ‘welcome to ring’. you do not want to hear ‘ring is in setup mode’. for some reason the doorbell has no trouble finding the ring network for a fresh install.
  • recently (and all too often) the ring doorbell is dead. my isp does not allow me access to the channel for the wifi band on their router. i suspect it defaults to ‘auto’ and therefore changes. After a recent power outage (all too frequent) I think the router assigned a different channel from what the doorbell expected and there was no longer connectivity. I put the isp’s router in bridge mode and attached my own router to it and hard-coded the channel (11). Then I reinstalled the extender and doorbell all using the same channel.
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