Timer for disabling alarm/recordings

I disable alerts and recordings when working in my yard or driveway. More than once I’ve forgotten to turn it back on. A timer function when turning off alerts would be a great feature add. For example “disable for x hours.”


Same issue with me.
a timer would be awesome.
i find out after several days that the motion and recording are off. Please add a timer to that feature.

I came here to post this same suggestion. A Timer would be a great addition for when you expect motion activity for example doing yard work or having friends and family over and people are constantly coming in and out.

100% agree. I turn off my video doorbell when my kid is playing in front of it, and I always forget to turn it on again at night. A timer for modes would be wonderful.

seconded ……. are ring aware of these requests? and are they doing anything about it?

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