This kit is for kids

If you move slowly the ring won’t work ,
Just like in the Robert Redford film “Sneakers”
Got 200mb broadband , and the picture is so pixelated,
This kit is for kids

I’m going to get REAL cameras

Waste of money, if someone was 5 feet away you can’t tell who it is , ON 200 MG BROADBAND
The advert for this on tv is a con

You chose one of the lowest cost players in the market what do you expect? Fort Knox type security?
I would be very interested in hearing who you end up going with and the price you pay.

I have 7 different Ring cams all around and video is perfect. 200MB broadband is meaningless. What matters is the WiFi connection from your router to the camera. There are way too many factors and things to check…

Distance / Signal strength…
Quality and performance of your WiFi. Interference, bad connection, etc…can take your 200 MB speed at the gateway and cut it by like 75%

You should first start by checking your internet speed hardwired to see if you’re actually getting what you pay for. Then go to the same spot as your Ring camera and use your phone or tablet to check the signal and speed from that spot. Speed will be lower for sure

There are also apps that will help diagnose wifi interference and help pick best channel to use…

Has anyone noticed that most of the threads that start off saying Ring is a joke or useless are from people who signed up and made the post within one or two minutes? They provide no detail anyone could use to help.

Most of these are just bait looking for an argument.

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