This footage is unavailable

I have a ring doorbell 2

I have a 2.4 GHz and a 5.0 Ghz router and I’ve had my doorbell on the 2.4 by it’s self as well tried it on the 5.0. I have removed the app and reinstalled it as well factory defaulted my doorbell and reset it up. Throughout the day or night at random times I get “This Footage is unavailable”. For 2 days when I scrolled back I just seen all footage is unavailable. It won’t pick up cars driving by or people walking past. Then it will work for a few hours and then there will be gaps in recording. Since I pay for a subscription you would think you can look to the past? Even 30 minutes ago?

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I get this constantly aswell and is very frustrating. Only difference is I have the door view cam. Sometimes it will say “footage unavailable” all night and then once the sunrise happens it will work again. It has missed events which it should have recorded aswell. I also pay for the subscription and I’ve looked for answers online and done the reset, delete the app, everything. But no resolution. Making me wonder if I can trust ring

Re: This footage is unavailable