This footage is unavailable....

I have a Door View Cam. When checking my video timeline, there are big chunks of time with no video available, just the message “This footage is unavailable”. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Ive attached a screenshot of the message.

Hey @Leedsfan! As long as you are subscribed and the app is up to date, you should certainly see your snapshots and recordings. Please try removing and reinstalling the Ring app. I recommend also ensuring bluetooth and VPN is disabled while viewing these. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley, sorry for the delay in my reply. I have tried your suggestion but it hasn’t worked. On most days I reckon I can only view 12 hours of footage, the rest shows as footage unavailable. Like a fool i have also bought the new ring chime pro which is proving to be equally useless and like the door view cam, a total waste of money. Today I missed a delivery while i was in my home. The driver rang the doorbell but the chime pro didnt make a sound. I’ve checked the wifi etc and all seems to be fine (the chime pro is plugged in less than 2 foot away from the door by the way). I rang the doorbell myself and nothing from the chime. Rang it again some time later, still no sound. Tried it again and it worked. Utterly disappointed in both products. Far too hit and miss to recomend to anyone in all good conscience.

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I’m also starting to feel that the ring app is not worth hype nor the money. I’ve purchased a Lockly and works a 1000 procent better