Thermostat Honeywell T9 and Level Locks always show ERROR on shared person I Phone

Hi there.

I have a Ring alarm 2 dorbells pro and T9 thermostat and 2 level locks. There is 4 people in the household. I have the ring app on Android phone and everything works OK. On my wife’s I Phone thermostat and locks always show error. She linked her Amazon account already.

What could be the issue here?


I would go Here and start setup again. I think you can only have one Account owner, her Amazon link would make it 2.

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Yes, I already invited her and she accepted. She has all devices enabled. The alarm and doorbells work OK but thermostat and locks do not.

I guess another bug with no solution.

For the Level Locks, see if these locks work for the shared user when checked in the Level app. They should show online from there. Please also ensure there is not a VPN enabled on the IOS device in question. Check out our Help Center article as well, for great tips on troubleshooting the Level Lock.