"There was an error retrieving this video. Please try again later"

I get this message when trying to retreive historical videos. I signed-up for Basic plan today and want to see videos from 3 weeks ago. Is this possible or is the error in fact a proble Ring is having at the moment. I have also tried to call Customer Service but it is an endless useless loop. Thanks for any help!

Hi @Wyatt! If your subscription cancelled, lapsed, or was not subscribed without lapse since the time of an older event, that recording will not be available. At Ring we value your security and your privacy, which means your videos are only ever stored on your account with a Protect Plan subscription, or trial. We recommend starring videos in your event history as a remind of which are important, and downloading these videos before the subscription time frame, or cancelling subscription.

If you did not have any lapse or change in subscription on that device, your videos should be available. Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app to see if this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marley_Ring Community Manager I actually started my Basic Subscription in hopes that would allow me to retreive the video from May 1st (I subscribed on May 24th). Is this possible? Thank you!

Unfortunately it is not. As a video is stored only with the subscription, the loss of subscription will mean the loss of recordings. if there was not a subscription active during that day, no video records at all. All alerts must be caught in real time and cannot be saved, when unsubscribed.