There was an error retrieving this video. Please try again later.

I get ring alerts yet cant see the videos. I am not at my home right now so this is really important.

I get this message on the app and website:

“There was an error retrieving this video. Please try again later.”

any help is appreciated.


I can’t see any recording, it’s showing “There was an error retrieving this video. Please try again later.” Any clue?

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I am having the same problem. When I try to log onto my account on the website I get an Error 404: page not found. Apparently they are having problems.

Same problem here, it says it’s recorded a bunch of videos but nothing from the last week can be played back. Pretty frustrating experience.

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Try turning off your time lapse snapshots… my doorbell is actually recording video again when it detects movement.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbors! As long as you are subscribed to a Protect Plan, your videos should certainly be accessible. The best first step here would be to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device, as well as ensure bluetooth and VPN are disabled.

If this concern persists, please try on cell data only, versus wifi only, on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I am getting this same error as well. I get real-time notifications but cannot view live video or retrieve recent videos. (The last video that is available to view is from March 28th.)

There have been no changes to my set up at all. All of the device health checks say that everything is functional and the signal strength is good.

I get the same problem even when I log in from my laptop to the website to try to retrieve video.

So, the problem/solution shouldn’t have anything to do with my mobile phone or the app, right?
It seems that it has to be something with the Ring service.


I have had a similar problem since March 23rd. It seems to be recording videos but when I click on them, nothing happens. I have 2 other Ring cameras and they work fine. I have reinstalled the app and no joy. I AM able to play the timeline. This problem exists no matter what platform I try to access the video’s(Mac, IPad , IPad .

For anyone with the same issue.

I contacted support through Support Chat on the website (which actually was pretty quick and painless.) In the end, I believe the issue was caused by a firmware issue on the device itself.

They had me do a factory reset and reconnect the device. Took about 15 minutes in all, and now its working again. My guess is that there was some change on their system around 3/28/20 and devices with a certain firmware stopped working.

To do the factory reset:

  • Take the device off (you may need that tiny allen wrench thingy they sent with the device to loosen the screws on the bottom) and Press the Orange Button for about 20 seconds. (The light will be flashing blue at this point.) Hit the orange button one more time and the light will be circling white. This means its in setup mode. Then, use the app to do “Setup New Device”. (You’ll have to put in the wireless password to reconnect to your wifi network.) It will take a few more minutes to look for and download any firmware updates.

Eventually (after several minutes) the app still said it was doing a firmware update but there hadn’t been any lights for a while, so I eventually just exited out of the app and tested the doorbell.

At that point it was working again (including being able to view new activity and activity prior to 3/28 from the website.)

The only downside is that the videos for the last 3-4 weeks apparently didn’t get uploaded to the service, so no access to those.

Good luck!