The Next-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

The next-generation Ring Video Doorbell is now ready for preorder! This new Video Doorbell has upgraded 1080p HD video, improved motion detection, and easy installation, making it perfect for any home, all at the same affordable price of $99.99. It also includes a near motion zone that detects motion in areas only 5’-15’ in front of your home, and a revamped mounting setup that simplifies installation and removal for battery charging. Check out this Ring Help Center article to learn more.

Are you excited for the next-generation Ring Video Doorbell? Let us now your feedback and questions with a reply below!

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Hi, well I guess I don’t really get why I would buy the Ring 3 instead of this. I was going to buy the Ring 3 but I don’t see the difference in feature set, certainly not enough to justify paying nearly double the cost… Can you share the killer differences please?

Hey @acrobatx. Thank you so much for your interest in buying the new Ring Video Doorbell 3! The Video Doorbell 3 has all the same great features as the Video Doorbell (2nd generation), but additionally includes dual-band wifi and a removable, rechargeable battery. We offer theses different options to give you more choices when considering the best security solution for their home and lifestyle. Some neighbors like to utilize the option of a removable battery, so that they can easily swap out a dead battery for a freshly charged spare battery! This helps you get no downtime in between charging.

In addition, I want to point out that for a limited time, you can get a free Quick Release Battery Pack with a battery-powered device purchase. Add the Quick Release Battery Pack to your cart, along with any device listed here, and enter code FREEBATTERY at checkout. See more details about this here. :slight_smile:

Thanks Chelsea

I hadn’t noticed the difference in batteries. Is that the only difference between the 3 and the new standard doorbell? I know the WiFi is different too

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@acrobatx You are indeed correct on that! Those will be the only major differences between the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and the 2nd generation of the Ring Video Doorbell. :smiley_cat:

Thanks again!

As an existing Ring customer with a plan do I get 10% off the purchase? The discount doesn’t seem to apply automatically when added to the basket. Thanks

Hi @acrobatx! If you have our Protect Plus Plan featuring the 10% discount, you should certainly be able to use it for a Ring device purchase on Keep in mind that this discount cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Check out our help center article which lists the terms and conditions for the 10% discount. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hmmm…Is this the reason why my Doorbell 2 only works sporadically now?

I have a ring account and have paid my subscription on my ring doorbell I also have a stick up cam in my garden both at the same address do I need to pay for another subscription for the stick up cam ?

Hi, I am located in Australia and the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation is currently available for pre-order (due for delivery on 3rd June 2020) from Amazon. However, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is available for purchase on both Amazon and in our retail stores and has been available for quite some time. Could you please clarify if the Ring Doorbell 2nd gen (being advertised for release on 3rd June) and the Ring Doorbell 2 are the same device? If not, what are the differences??

Great questions neighbors! @Davethu this answer will depend on which Protect Plan you have subscribed to. If you chose the Protect Plus Plan, this will cover all Ring devices at one location. If you are going with the Protect Basic Plan, this plan would have to be subscribed per device, which means your Stick Up Cam would need an additional subscription.

@Diba, the Video Doorbell 2nd generation will indeed be the newest model of Doorbell, in which the Video Doorbell 2 will soon be unavailable at major retailers such as Amazon, as it is currently unavailable at The biggest difference between these two Doorbells is the built in battery on the 2nd generation, whereas the Video Doorbell 2 has a quick release. The newest 2nd gen Video Doorbell is also priced to be more affordable.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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That’s a great help thank you


Will the new Ring Doorbell fit the mounting bracket of the original?