The Next Generation of Ring Alarm

Ring is excited to announce the start of pre-order for the second generation of Ring Alarm! This next generation of devices has a fresh new sleek design and are made to fit in any home. The Alarm Keypad features one-touch buttons that let you request police, fire, or medical assistance with just one tap. Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors have a new smaller and easier to mount design. Additionally, these new devices are dually compatible, meaning if you want to add them to your current setup, you can!

Want to know more? Check out the most recent Ring blog article to learn more.

Excited about these next generation Ring Alarm devices or have more questions? Please reply to this post below, we want to hear your feedback.

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What is the benefit of upgrading my base station or keypad to the 2nd gen other than aesthetics?


Still no glass break sensors?

I have a Gen1 System - i need to buy a Range Extender - is it worth paying more for gen2 version? Is there side by side feature/power comparison for each of the new Gen2 products vs Gen1?


Thanks for asking, neighbors! @madraelle the newest Alarm Range extender is the same in operation, but does feature an easier to reach setup button on the front and an indicator light.

@Arkangel95, the new Alarm Keypads are also virtually the same in operation, with a change in dimensions and aesthetics. The most important new feature to note on the Keypad 2nd gen, is the one touch emergency medical button.

Check out our Ring Alarm 2nd Generation FAQ for more information on the new device differences. :slight_smile:


What about Australia???

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No updates for Australia, @DaniRic . Thanks!

Good morning!

I know the pandemic has caused havoc. Was curious to see if there are any updates as to when the 2nd generation security systems might ship?

Have you any plans to release this in Australia . I know we are on our own at the bottom of the world , please dont forget us !

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How can I pre order from Australia?

@October1917 what is your order number? We can certainly check on this for you!

No update at this time for my Aussies. Sorry about that! What part are you two located? I spent my winter holiday there! Regardless, I will definitely keep you in the loop :slight_smile: