The New Stick Up Cam is Out Now

We just got one step closer to our mission statement of reducing crimes in neighborhoods, with our newest security camera. The third-generation Stick Up Cam, is now available for just $99! Stick Up Cam is one of Rings most affordable and versatile cameras that can be placed both indoors and outdoors to provide home security wherever it is needed the most.

Available at and, the new Stick Up Cam features 1080p HD video, motion detection, night vision, two-way talk, a wide viewing angle and comes in three power options: Plug-In ($99.99), Battery ($99.99), and Solar ($148.99). My favorite feature is the two-way talk to tell people I can see them getting a little too close to the bikes next to my garage.

Reply below with where you will install the Stick Up Cam.

Can you provide any idea of when the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite will be available? I have several locations where it would be so much easier to run an Ethernet cable than separate power. Also the wiFi in these locations may be a bit weak, so having a wired connection would be another benefit. If it is only going to be another month or two perhaps I will wait, but if we’re talking 6-12 months, I might as well get the current wired stick up cams and figure out how to run power.


I also would like to know when the elite is coming out. There are apparently thieves in our community with wifi signal jammers so I’d like a Ring POE camera.

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Hey freinds @ Ring, any update on the 'New" Stick Up Cam Elite release date? Will these be released by Christmas this year?

Hey @RearAdmiral, @northlock, and @matt6020! Many neighbors are excited to see the Elite come out, as are we. While there is not an exact date or time frame for the Stick Up Cam Elites to be released, once a device or feature makes it to the page, it is expected to release in the upcoming months. You may also subscribe to email updates as well as pre-order the Stick Up Cam Elite here.

When will black be available? White stands out too much and easily stolen or avoided. Black on my trims blends in so much better. When will black be available - have asked this question on sevral forums and yet to see an answer


@Riley_Ring @Marley_Ring Wondering the same question as bbock, When will the black battery version come out. Matches my house much better than the white.

Hey neighbors! After checking with my teams, it looks like we do not have an ETA at this time of when the black version of the 3rd Generation Stick Up Cam will be available. I’ll make sure to update this thread once we have a better idea. :slight_smile:

I’d sure like to know when it is available and thank you for your info

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