Thank You Ring Team!

Dear Ring Team,

We are very quick as a society to blast out hateful comments for products that don’t work as we expect them to, don’t last long enough, etc. Bit I wanted to take a moment to do just the opposite and to give you a big round of thanks for the products and software you have created.

I purchased my first Ring product, a video doorbell, at a time when Jayme Closs, a young girl from Wisconsin was still missing after being violently kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night (Google her story if you are not familiar). I have a family of my own and I wanted a little more protection for them than just a locked door. I felt if someone knew they were being recorded it might deter them from going further with committing a crime.

I liked my video doorbell so much I purchased two ring floodlight cams for my other two doors. I liked my floodlight cams so much I purchased a spotlight cam for my driveway. I liked my spotlight cam so much I purchased the Ring home security systems with enough sensors for all of my doors, included my garage doors and shed door. I like the security system so much I plan to add additional sensors for fire, water, windows etc. as money allows.

Here are just a few of the things I love about my Ring system.

  • I have one view on my phone for everything. Get a motion alert? I can instantly see if a door opened as well.
  • I can see a point in time snapshot of all my cameras if any one of them is activated.
  • I can see the number of alerts that happened in the middle of the night and play them back in just seconds when I first get up in the morning. I can see if it was a cute little rabbit running across the driveway, or a man in a mask that I need to be more concerned about.
  • I can sleep just a little better a night knowing that an alarm will sound if any of my doors are opened unexpected. In addition, if I don’t answer my cell, the police will be called.
  • Even when disarmed, I can see event history of doors opening and closing at specific dates and times.
  • The user interface is both incredibly powerful and incredibly easy to use. That’s almost unheard of for phone apps these days. Please don’t make major changes… it’s perfect just like it is!
  • I can share my videos to the ring neighbor’s site, social media, or just download them to my phone or computer. They are my videos and I should be able to easily do what I want to with them. With Ring, I can!
    • This includes posting a time lapsed video from my Ring camera of me snow blowing my driveway in 13 seconds flat that my friends thought was hilarious. :wink:
  • When I’m working outside, I can snooze notifications all of the cameras at one with just a couple of clicks, with the assurance that they are still recoding should the need arise.

And the list just goes on and on, but those are a few highlights. So thank you Ring team! You have made some amazing hardware and software and priced it where the average American can afford to protect their home. Well done!