Testing Settings of Floodlight Cam Light Zones

Floodlight Cam has two motion sensing systems, one for alerts and videos, and one for activating the light. I just spoke with Customer Support and was told the only way to test the perimeter of the light zones is to do so at night. It would be nice to have a test mode that would enable testing during the day. Would that be possible? The Motion-Zones-for-Lights tool in the app shows a non-specific graphic and there is a lot of trial and error involved in fine-tuning the zones. My Cam is in the driveway and very close to my active neighbor’s yard and I live on a busy street so there’s a need to customize the zones fairly precisely to get the best coverage while minimizing the number of nuisance activations. It’s somewhat inconvenient testing at night, daytime testing would be better, certainly more discreet, and the shortest time-out for the light is 30 seconds so there is a lot of waiting to test each zone several times. Perhaps have the light flash quickly once or twice then turn off each time a zone is breached while in test mode. A feature like that would prove very helpful.