Test Range of Bridge?

I am thinking of adding a Smart Lighting setup to my current cameras and alarm system. I am thinking to start of with the solar pathlights for the front of my house. If I like the lights I might get some for the side of my house and back. Even might get a Battery Spot light for my shed in the back yard. If I get the lights for my front is there a good way to test the range of the bridge? My one solar spotlight cam needs an extender with my Wifi.

Glad you asked @veener79! The best way to test the range for your Smart Lighting Bridge to reach your Smart Light devices, is through trial and error. The Bridge comes with a decently long chord to allow different mounting positions once you find an outlet that is central to all of your Smart Lights. As it sounds like you will have Smart Lights on multiple sides of your home, finding this central location will be key.

Of course, having the Bridge well within wifi range will also help with an all around efficient signal and operation. If you are needing a wifi extender for your other camera enabled Ring devices, I recommend looking into our new Chime Pro! :slight_smile: