Terrible customer service

Sorry but I have to add to the chorus of TERRIBLE customer service. I am still putting up sensors and one of the sensors is repeatedly falling apart. The battery case falls off the sliding plate. All other sensors are nice and tight but this one is very loose and will not snap shut snugly. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a Ring representative explaining that it had NOTHING to do with the double stick tape or where I position it. If I move the device the battery pack will STILL be loose on the plate because it does not fit properly! To not avail. I finally hung up on her, frustrated and ready to just return the entire system. They made no attempt to swap it out or make it right. Just stupid suggestions that have nothing to do with the problem. Feeling sorry now I didn’t go with another vendor…

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Don’t be sorry, Ring is providing TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE Customer Service. I was missing the most critical part of the alarm system, the base, from my order. I have escalated through customer support multiple time. The best they could do was to tell me wait for the part to ship on OCTOBER 22nd or return my entire order.
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