Tenant mode for rentals


I own a Ring Alarm 2nd Gen system, several cameras and have connected the system to my z-wave locks. I own the home that the system is installed in. I am about to move and rent the house to a tenant.

I need a way to hand off control of the system to a tenant in a way that prevents me from accessing the cameras. I already know about shared users feature but that still allows the owner to access live video and video history. This constitutes a breach of privacy for tenants with the potential for a landlord to “spy”. I do not intend to do that but I need to be able to give my tenant peace of mind.

I think Ring needs to introduce a landlord-tenant hand-off feature. Otherwise the only solution is to either give my whole account over to the tenant with no way to get it back if things go awry.

Weird. Why don’t you just remove them from your account and let the tenant create their own account if they want to? Pop a little clause in the tenancy agreement about deleting the devices when they vacate. Simple.

One alarm system, two locks that work with ring, 7 door/window sensors, 4 cameras, one chime, and one motion detector. they’d all have to be added one by one. that’s just not happening.