Temporary transfer of primary contact

I’m considering transferring my security system and monitoring to Ring. I’d like to get clarification on temporary transfer of primary contact. We regularly use a housesitter when we’re away and need to know how easy/difficult it is to transfer the primary contact information to them when they would be staying at the home, as well as transferring it back to the owner once we return?

Hi @wpryan01. I’m happy to try and answer this question for you. Whenever you’re away from home, you can give the housesitter Shared User access for the Ring Alarm system so they can arm and disarm the system as needed either via the Ring App or via a 4-digit code on the Keypad. Them being a Shared User won’t allow them to change any settings either, as only the owner of the system can do that.

Additionally, you can always edit your emergency contacts for the Professional Monitoring plan if you choose to enable it with a valid Ring Protect Plus plan. That way you can add the housesitter’s name and phone number so they can be contacted in case the alarm goes off while you’re away. You can also still have your name and number listed as well. I hope you find this information helpful as you figure out which security system works best for you! :slight_smile: