Temperature Range of Units Downfall

I noticed the operating temp of the cameras (including the doorbell) is -5 to 120

Well this could pose a problem for someone like me who lives in the frozen land of Minnesota.

Middle of January, -5 is bikini weather for us, lol, But in all seriousiness it gets a whole lot colder then that, epsecially at night. Temps can be -40 without the windchill, easily.

Need to comeup with a more robust unit for those of us that do live in extreme climates.

I don’t want to have a camera that fails when I may need it the most.

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Hi @RevMatty, thank you so much for your feedback! I completely understand where you’re coming from in this, and I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team. We are always working towards making our devices accessible to as many neighbors as possible as we grow our neighborhood, so the feedback is greatly appreciated. :smiley_cat:

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