Technical questions on motion detection

Hi there.

So I just got a ring doorbell 3 that I am using on battery power.

I tried to chat with support to get answers to some of my questions in order to find the beat settings and max battery life.

I was however staggered by how I knowledgeable they were and how much I was basically lied to and given false info, that I figured I would try and ask the same questions here.

  1. Does people only mode increase or decrease battery life? I would this increase as it takes more processing but I’m curious.

  2. About the motion frequency. When I set it to periodically, for how long does it actually sleep in between events? I was told that on the regular setting it sleeps for 1 min after 1st event, then 5 and then 10. I’m curious what the times are for periodically.

Lastly, is there a way to turn off motion recording during the day? I know I can turn of the notifications, but I order to save battery life I would like to turn it off all together during the day

Hi there, @Outofphaze! These are great questions, and we are happy to help further with them. To start, People Only Mode should not make a difference in battery usage for battery-powered Ring devices. When People Only Mode is enabled on a battery-powered device, it will still capture all motions as they happen, but will only notify you of human caused events. While this is certainly an advanced setting, it is handled seamlessly by your Video Doorbell and Ring app.

As for Motion Frequency, this feature has recently been improved. While this feature will react to constant traffic by “sleeping” your device for a certain period of time, when enabled, this time can vary. The more time a repetitive pattern of motion continues, the longer the time between issuing motion alerts. Setting to Frequent will ensure most or all motion events to be captured, and can drain your battery quicker, if traffic is frequent in this area.

Last but not least, disabling motion detection completely is possible through two methods. Modes is a great way to control multiple Ring devices at once, with 3 different alterable modes to choose from. Disarmed mode will disable motion detection for the devices you choose to. Alternatively, you may also visit your Video Doorbell in the Ring app and toggle off it’s Motion Detection toggle to avoid motion detection. I hope this helped! :slight_smile: