Tech support experience by phone (UK)

I’ve made 4 calls to Ring tech support and spoke with 6 advisors in the last 3 days with call durations ranging from 24 minutes to 1hr 15mins.
My first call was about missing timeline on the Ring App which was just 24 minutes. The other 3 calls were about the IR malfunctioning on my Spotlight Cam Wired which were around an hour each.
Here are my observations:
Something has changed at Ring tech support as last year when I called, I came across some of the most knowledgeable people there. In my last 4 calls, I noticed that maybe the 1st level support people are new trainees who’ve just started taking support calls. Their accent is not an issue at least for me.
The most important aspect about these people was that they were polite, patient and had this genuine willingness to help me. I must admit that they were not technically sound but nevertheless they followed due process that they have been trained for. On one of the calls I was on hold for close to 30 minutes. But the advisor would return every 2 minutes, apologise profusely and request if he can put me on hold for 2 more minutes. It seems he was attempting to reach level 2 tech support and the lines were busy. On the last call, although the advisor did manage to transfer me to level 2 tech support, she called me back while I was still on line with 2nd level support to make sure that the call was successfully transferred and not dropped.
I’ve also received follow-up emails after my first call regarding the missing timeline issue and after my last call informing me that a replacement order is on the way. Despite the recent outages and the overwhelming call volumes, these people have performed well under pressure. I would like to compliment them for their excellent work and convey my thanks to the entire team at Ring. I have received just one Customer support survey for the last call but not the others, hence posting here.
I am not sure if I can share the names of those helpful advisors here but it would be good if I can, so that my message gets through to them.
Moderators, please advise.
Thank you