Tampering with Alarm when Armed

Don’t know if ths has been discussed (tried searchng for it), but wondering what happens if someone breaks into your home and before the alarm activates they destroy the keypad, or base station. Does the unit still trigger an alarm? What if they unplug the station in home/away mode? Does it instantly go off.

I know other alarm companies have this feature, just wondering about ring.

Hey @RevMatty. This is a great question to have! I have answered this previously, so please check out our Community post here. The thread goes into a lot of detail that will answer your questions, but feel free to ask more if you have any!

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Thanks for the quick reply and info.
5 stars to you, unfortunately though they’ll only allow me to give you one kudos.

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@RevMatty I love the Kudos, so I appreciate it greatly! :smiley_cat: