Taking Over Ring System

Hi All - I am moving into a rental home that has a Ring Video Doorbell, Stick Up Cam, and Floodlight Cam. The property management firm has no information on how to setup the Ring system (since it’s a new home that was purchased with Ring system in-place).

How would you start the process of setting this system up?

Thanks in advance for the tips!


Hi @PaloAlto. You need to download the Ring app on your phone and then complete the setup of each Ring device using the steps found under Set Up Device. Keep in mind that Ring devices can only be registered under one Ring account, so make sure the previous owners of the home do not still have these devices on their account. You can learn more about device ownership here.

Caitlyn - I have a Ring Doorbell, Floodlight, and Stick Up Cam.

However, the property manager doesn’t have any of original Ring tools - i.e., I don’t have the Ring Screwdriver to dissemble the Ring Doorbell to access the QR code for the Ring App setup.

What are some solutions to getting Ring setup across the three products?

For example, do I need to (i) order the Ring Screwdriver from the website, or (ii) schedule an OnDeck professional to come by to dissemble the three devices?

Hi @PaloAlto. The devices don’t need to be disassembled, the QR code is underneath the removable faceplate on most Ring Doorbells and on the back of most Ring Cameras. It’s your discretion to use any third-party installers if you’d prefer. However, you can order the spare parts kit from Ring.com for a specific device to assist in taking it down from where it’s installed. You can also obtain a Phillips head and star screwdriver from your local hardware store, which is what the Ring screwdriver is. The size of the security screw on most Ring Doorbells is typically a T6 or T15, depending on how old the Doorbell is.

Once you’ve located the the QR code on the device, the setup process can be completed in the Ring app. There will be step-by-step instructions you can follow to complete the setup for each device. If you run into any trouble or need more help with the installation, you’re welcome to give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

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