Suspend Floodlights for Halloween

I have two Ring Floodlight Cameras covering my driveway and front yard. I really like these cameras and the floodlighting. Having said that I need to know how to keep the floodlights from coming on when trick-or-treaters walk up to the house on Halloween. I go all out on Halloween decorations and the floodlights will spoil the spooky effect. The lights are hard wired to the house so depowering them is not an option. Any idea how to keep the lights from coming on?

Great question @BotheFo ! The light scheduling feature, in your Floodlight Cam light settings, should allow you to schedule these lights to not trigger during a specified time. Please also make sure your Cam is up to date, by checking the firmware version in your Cam’s Device Health for optimal functionality. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Could you walk through exact steps on how to disable lights at certain interval? I have tried light schedule but it only allows you to schedule when lights are ON - not when they should be OFF

The solution I found was to turn off the motion zones for the lights in the light settings. Just tap each zone until they all say off.

Thank you for the reply. When you turned off motion zones for lights you essentially disabled lights completely, correct?

they can still be turned on with the ring app, but they wont come on for motion. Should be a perfect solution for halloween.

The perfect solution would be for Ring development team to have a setting: “Sync motion detection for camera and lights”. This setting would use motion detection schedule set for camera and apply it to light schedule.

E.g. if I set my camera motion detection schedule to disable from 7AM to 11PM it would automatically disable light activation based on motion.

Ring developers could actually simplify user interface implementation by simply having one place for controlling motion detection and then use it to apply to camera and/or lights!