Suppress motion alerts on SOME alexa devices

We have a number of Ring products and a number of Alexas (Alexi?). We want motion sensor warnings and doorbell rings to come through most of the Alexa devices, but one Alexa device is used for music and the motion alarms keep interrupting our music playback – it get’s annoying. There must be a way to shut off alerts to just one or two Alexa devices and not just a master switch that shuts them all off. We do not want to shut them ALL off–just specific ones. Lastly, we don’t want to set that one device in “Do Not Disturb” because we do want video calls to come through and interrupt the music when needed. So… just motion/ring alerts and just on specific devices. Seems like this would be an easy find under settings on those specific devices, but I can’t find it. Thanks.

Hi @AppDreamer. This should be a setting available under the Alexa App specifically rather than within the Ring App. In the Alexa App, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Devices
  • Select your Ring device
  • Tap the cog wheel in the top left
  • Tap Announcement Devices and un-select the Alexa device you use for music

There may also be settings specific to the Alexa device itself that you can look into under the Alexa App as well. If you’re not able to find a specific setting, you can check Amazon Alexa’s help center here. I hope this helps you customize your settings based on what works for you. :slight_smile: