Support Suggestion

In my experience, I’ve found it can be very valuable when employees are required to (temporarily) handle a job in a different department and/or at a different level. Of course, it helps if such employees views the situation as an interesting challenge, rather than an insulting waste of time.

I think Ring’s management (and executive) teams could really benefit by performing a one week stint as a Level 1 support rep. Of course, it’s important that they be carefully monitored so that they are only allowed to operate under the same conditions and benefit from the same training and resources as other Level 1 support reps. (It obviously would not be fair, for example, if executives were allowed to have the most senior Technical Development staff members on “speed dial”.)

If participants don’t develop valuable insights (and recommendations) as a result of the experience, one has to wonder if they are really the best person to handle their normal job responsibilities.