Support for Z-Wave §2.2.24 Central Scene Command Class


I’d like to see support for Z-Wave §2.2.24 Central Scene Command Class. For those not familiar with the spec, this allows Actuator Controls to trigger behaviors called “scenes” through a central server. In our case, the Ring Alarm base station combined with Alexa becomes the central server.

For instance, a user might double-tap on a Z-Wave off switch to their bedroom lights and activate an Alexa Routine. Such a routine might turn off all the home lights and set the alarm. This could be done with any switch implementing Central Scene Command Class.

It would be very easy to implement, Alexa would need to listen for these events from Ring Alarms and allow them to be linked to existing Routines. That’s it.

Please consider doing this ASAP so I don’t have to go build a Home Assistant system.

Thank you!