Supply issues to Finland?

Hello, I would like to ask about your status on deliveries to Finland. The retailers and the wholesalers here seem to not have the 2gen alarm system in stock and they are unable to contact you for some reason. I have been waiting for my alarm set for over a month now, and not even an approximate delivery date have been given.

I tried calling your support, rush my retailer to contact you and their wholesaler but nothing. This is my last resort in trying to solve this issue. When can we expect the products in Finland?

Hi @Atteboi. Where did you purchase your Ring Alarm system from, a retailer local to you or directly from Ring? If you purchased from a retailer, you would have to contact them for any information on your delivery. If you purchased directly from Ring, our support team would be the ones to contact in order to find out more information about your order. give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. There is a worldwide number listed there as well if needed.