Summary Thread

Under the theory of “life shouldn’t be this difficult…”

It seems like Ring customers (including members of Ring Community) may be wasting a ridiculous amount of time, effort (and in some cases, money) attempting to get assistance for known problems.

Worse yet, it appears that Ring may be introducing new products that have some of the same issues as existing products and/or that perform far worse than existing products. (The various problems with the new Ring Doorbell Pro 2 are a great example.)

Since I’m new to this community, I’m not too familiar with the “community culture”. Are many
Ring Community members happy to try to help other members — or are most people simply concerned with their own issues (and couldn’t care less about anyone else)?

It seems to me that if we could get as much information about related problems in one place – it might be easier to get something done about them.

Of all the problems I’m experiencing with my new Ring Doorbell Pro 2… the most serious ones are related to features like Motion Sensitivity and Motion Zones. Let’s face it… if the video clips you need are not created… it presents serious safety/security concerns. (I obviously would not have purchased this device if I knew it would perform so poorly in comparison to the doorbell it replaced.)

Is there some way that someone could create some type of “Summary” thread (perhaps, including a “vote” feature) where as many members as possible could add as much relevant information as possible… all in one place? (It looks like Motion-related problems are occurring on various Ring devices (both wired and wireless), rather than being specific to one product.) If so, perhaps we could get Ring to fix the problems – which presumably would be beneficial to many current/future owners of Ring products.

I lead an extremely busy life… but would be happy to start a thread if there’s any interest in this concept (and no one else wants to volunteer to start a thread).

Any comments about this idea?

Welcome to the Community, @Frustrated427! We appreciate this feedback, as we are always working to make the Community the best it can be for all neighbors. The Ring Community is a public peer to peer forum where neighbors can share their experiences, feedback, ideas, and solutions with one another and us. The Community team is here for guidance and ensuring your feedback is heard.

Our Feature Request Board is a great place to share feature requests or vote and share your thoughts on existing requests.

When looking for a thread, our search will help. Our New Member Guide is a great quick walkthrough of browsing the Community. When a new feature or device is released, there will most often be a Community post to go with it, such as our Video Doorbell Pro 2 Product Launch thread.

For specific concerns with device or feature functionality, we certainly encourage you to create a post specific to the concern, including any relevant troubleshooting and observation details. This will make finding a solution quick and easy, as well as allow other neighbors to chime in. :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring -

Are you, by any chance, a Ring employee?

I am indeed, @Frustrated427. You will see myself and other Community team members around the Community often. Feel free to check my Community Introduction, as well as the other team member’s in that same Updates category. Welcome again, neighbor! :slight_smile: