Suitable Bell Wire For Hardwiring

Hello everyone.

I recently purchased a Ring 3 Plus. I want to hardwire it.

All the internet information says you need 18 gauge bell wire. 18 gauge apparently translates to a wire core diameter of 1.02mm. However, absolutely all the bell wire on the internet has conductors that are 0.5mm.

One internet source (it was a forum with a lot of dubious language) claimed 18 AWG (American units) is 0.5mm bell wire.

Simple question. Will standard UK-available bell wire with twin 0.5mm conductors power the Ring?

Iā€™m only going to be using a short length of it when the cable from my transformer runs out as I tack it around the skirting board (to avoid drilling a new hole in the wall).


OK. So no one else knows, either.

Problem solved: I went for the hole-through-the-wall method instead.

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