Sudden lack of alerts

Was there a recent update an last 48 hours that would have severely decreased motion sensitivity? No changes on my side on network, no changes in doorbell configuration, but my ring doorbell pro suddenly does not detect people walking in front of it unless you put your face directly in front of the doorbell. My motion settings are one notch above minimal and person detection is turned off. My ring floodlight camera clearly shows lawn personnel walking in front of the doorbell yet I’m not getting any alert to mobile devices or any events. Normally this would cause my doorbell to alert me of someone at my door.

Pressing the button on the doorbell does result in an alert as well as the doorbell ding, but it does not detect my hand actually pushing the button to ring the doorbell. How can this update be rolled back or is there another one coming to revert to settings?

I have the same problem.

I still have not heard from anyone, but I found out how to pull the faceplate off and use the reset button. It seems to be behaving much better now than just rebooting it by cutting off power at the breaker. I will try this for a day or two and see how it works

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Hey @nousername! Hopefully the reset does the trick, however, if the button push is resulting in a ding alert, this concern might be motion settings related. Depending on the model of Doorbell you have, there is a setting in the app called Motion Frequency. This is a battery preservation setting, and if used, will limit detection if there is constant motion. Having this set to Frequent, as well as increasing sensitivity, should help optimize motion detection and alerts. Let us know if this helps! :slight_smile: