Hi, I have a door bell and a security camera in my bedroom watching the garden. I have the basic record video plan for door bell but do I need another for the camera? Think that’s a bit harsh 50 quid a year to record videos

Hello @Voddy67,

If indeed you want the security camera to also store and record videos, like your Ring Video Doorbell can do on its “Ring Protect Basic” Plan subscription, then yes you would have to get an additional subscription. If you don’t, the security camera will still be able to notify you when it detects a motion-triggering event and you can activate a “Live View” with your Ring App, but features like Ring ‘Cloud’ stored video recording or snapshots will not be available to you.

Another possible consideration is for you to upgrade to a “Ring Protect Plus” Plan. Since you referred to the price in “Quid”, I assume you are in the UK. Yes, I know that would be even a bit more (at 80 pounds), there would be additional benefits for the extra cost. If you later add other Ring cameras or Ring alarm products to your household, they would already be covered at no additional costs. Another big advantage is that Ring products with a “Plus” subscription have an indefinite Extended Warranty on all your Ring products as long as you continue the subscription, and a 10% discount off on Ring product purchases!

If you do decide to upgrade to the “Plus” subscription, once you purchase it, you will cancel your other “old” Basic subscription and you’ll receive back a pro-rated refund on its remaining unused portion of that “Basic” subscription.

But sorry to say, for your additional Ring Security camera, you will either need another “Basic” Plan for it, or decide to upgrade to the “Plus” Plan which would cover both your current Doorbell and camera.

I hope you find this information useful. :slight_smile:

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