Subscription Lapsed and I Need Lost Videos

My subscription, which I thought was auto-renewing, expired with no notice.

I didn’t realize it until 2 days after my recordings stopped saving to the cloud. I’ve immediately re-subscribed, but in the 2 days that it was down there’s a video I need. Is there any way to recover that? I’m frustrated because had I received an email saying it was expiring I would have taken care of it immediately and would not have lost this important footage.

Hey @thisholidayjoe. Whenever there is a lapse of coverage, the videos from that time period and all previously stored videos are removed from the cloud storage since there is not a plan to cover the storage. There is not a way to retrieve these videos once removed and deleted. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and please ensure you do not have any Ring emails doing to your spam or junk folder, as you should get an email when your plan is about to expire!

Thanks for the reply, Chelsea.

I did check my SPAM and there’s nothing there. And what’s odd is I get all of the other Ring communications in my normal inbox. I even got a notification when i resubscribed that my new subscription was going to expire in a few days because my credit card didn’t properly charge. So, I’m pretty confident that any previous attempt to let me know I had an expiring subscription would have shown up in my inbox just like all of the other similar communication from Ring.

I’m really disappointed that there’s no way to retrieve that. I’d even be willing to pay for the 2 days lapsed if there was a way to get them. Is it possible that there could be a backup server that stores a rolling 30 days or something like that from which your team could restore it?

@thisholidayjoe We do not have backup servers and no way to retrieve the videos for you. I greatly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! I will make sure to pass on your feedback and experience to the appropriate teams, as we are always in the interest of making the neighbor experience better. If we could implement a way to have a recovery section for videos, I could see how this could benefit our neighbors that find themselves in a situation similar to yours. I apologize again, I wish there was more we could do in this situation!