Apps like AirBnB have become popular, and have let many people with extra spaces in their home earn income from their previously wasted or misused spaces. But there is a risk, there are strangers coming into the home, assuming from an alternate exterior entrance, at different times of the day. That gives us two current options, to remove our current security system from their rooms and break our ring of security, or buy a second security system, and pay the extra monthly ($10) or yearly ($100) fee to ensure that our guests are safe and that the police will arrive, should something happen on the property we currently reside in.

My suggestion would be a Sub-system for our current security system. It would, with tweaking, work similar to this:
-We buy an extra keypad(s) and sensors for the unit our guests will be staying in

  • Our keypad is named Main, the next is named Unit A, Unit B,Unit C… (however many keypads we need)
    -The systems owner receives alerts for individual units as well as their own
    -Guests can arm and disarm their system as they please without disarming or arming the entire house.
    -We pay an additional $5 monthly or $20 yearly, per keypad, to have these keypads covered under the protection plan.

At the end, all the guests are safe, the systems owner and family are safe, everyone is allowed to be independent, and the ring of security is maintained.