Sub-Modes or night mode

I would like to propose that you can have some sort of sub-mode or the mode changes depending on time of day (with an option to confirm the change on the phone for example first via a notification).

The problem is: at night I want my indoor cameras in the living room to trigger with motion, but during the day I do not want them too. So on home mode I cannot have both, and obviously at night I dont want to set to away as the motion sensor in the main bedroom would go off.

Ring and amazon have also had months and months of requests that you can set your echo (or all devices such as iPads) to automatically show the video screen when someone rings the doorbell. This should be very simple and have been done by now.

Please also make the Yale lock usable via the Ring app in the UK. I had it installed thinking it was possible, then was told only in the USA. Frustrating!


Completely agree. There should be a Night/Sleeping Mode. This can be like an in between of Home and Away… the primary reason is you might want to have a kitchen sensor or back door not armed during home (say you have a dog, letting them out etc during the day), but it should be armed while you’re asleep.

This is what I am looking for, I need a night only mode for when im at home. I don’t want it on all day capturing people walking past my house as the battery runs down very quickly. Can we set it to night only in some way without having to change it to ‘away’ manually each night. I thought it would have this simple option… but I can’t find it???

I would add that the modes can be triggered from outside of the app, for example using IFTTT or Alexa directly. Examples could include “Alexa, good night” would be able to trigger the proposed night mode and/or Home mode activates when I sign onto my home wifi network etc.


This is needed, and would likely help with false alarms. I want all of the contact sensors on my doors monitored while we’re asleep, but don’t want the sensors on the door to my backyard monitored when I’m home during the day.

I need a night mode as well. I need a separate “Home” with certain motion detectors enabled .

This seems standard on any other competitor. There are times at home where I don’t want motion sensors in living spaces to alarm because of routine activities. However, at night, there should be no motion in those spaces and they should alarm instantly. This is different from Away mode where doors or other motion sensors may be delayed to allow for time to disarm the system - you would not want this time at night.

Wanted to bump this as well. Just upgraded to the Ring and was disappointed to see there is not Instant/Night mode. When your sleeping who wants your doors unsecured for X amount of time.

I got my ring alarm and installed it yesterday. I cannot believe there is not a night mode or ability to add another custom mode. When you are home but all asleep upstairs you want something different from your alarm than when you are Home/Away.

The solution of going into various sub menues every night and turning various sensors on/off in Home mode is quite frankly, ridiculous.

I agree +1
Also there is a need to combine Modes, Notifications and Time-of-Day scheduling.

E.g.: When “Home” I would like to record Outside events. I do not want to get any notifications while I am “Home” - but if something actually happens, a recording would be very nice to have in the Events/History. Hence something like “silent recording” for outside cameras (or the ones you select) whole in “Home mode”.

And combined with “Time-of-Day” so the indoor “Living Room” camera is also recording at motion during times 24:00-06:00 as an example.

These should have been standard scenarios build into the solution. Please add this, Ring!

Yes a separate night mode would be awesome. Something that if any door is tripped it sets off the alarm, or a shorter delay mode. 30 secs doesn’t cut it for at night while sleeping.

This is badly needed a standard feature of most alarms.